Help I can’t stop drawing tiny Clear

Honey, It’s alright. 


I saw a picture of him floating around with hair like this so 


Oh, this was far too much fun. 

More paint Practice with feather wife Aoba

The day I actually finish a picture is the day I get hit by a bus

My Half of the Art Trade for Amber!! I did my best to clean up the wall and curtain  but it kept picking up the texture of the posterboard. The Scanner, actually washed out loads of color, so I tried an over lay. If you want the file without the overlay, let me know, dear, and If you aren’t happy with this, I’ll be happy to redo my end. I want to be sure you like it! 

Request for Amber! She wanted some Karnep, and I was happy to do so. I liked how it looked with the lines, so I kept it this way? If she wants me to put some colors on I’ll do that. The grayscale just seemed really cozy. Hope you like it! 

I think they were lying when they said only the good die young.